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21 February 2010 @ 11:39 pm
[Manga] Love★Com Vol. 2  
Title: Love★Com Vol. 2 (Aka Lovely★Complex)
Author: Aya Nakahara
Genre: Shoujo / Romance
Format: Paperback Manga


The story of the all Hanshin-Kyojin returns in volume two of Love★Com!  If you read volume one you'll remember that near the end Risa and Ootani decided to make a bet over who would get a date first, well within this volume things seem to get even more confusing.  Firstly the appearance of Ootani's ex-girlfriend begins to stir up some feelings within Risa, especially when she accidentally gives off the impression that she and Ootani are dating.  Later on another key player appears: Haruka, Risa's childhood friend.  He's a gorgeous boy with model-like features, and crazy about Risa (literally crazy).  All this crazieness leads up to a big event in Japan: Valentines Day!!

I really liked the second volume of this series.  Things seem to be becoming more complex between Risa and Ootani, at least on Risa's side.  I love how the plot is forcing Risa to question her relationship with Ootani, yet she still tries to set her feelings aside to help her out.  Although I thought it was a little cliche that Risa broke down crying during the Christmas Concert scene, but aside from that everything is pretty great.  I was surprised when Haruka showed up, I can't tell if I like him or hate him yet.  He's a slightly annoying character, so we'll see what happens with him in future volumes.  Hopefully the fighting between him and Ootani won't get too old~  And I'd like to mention another thing I like: the author's random blurbs!  Nakahara is deffinitely a bizzare author, so don't miss out on the blurbs she writes througout the book.  They had me laughing so hard at some parts.  All in all another pretty interesting volume of Love★Com.
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