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日本レヴュー ・ Nippon Review

Reviewing Japanese Anime, Drama, Manga and everything in between!

Nippon Review  ・ 日本レヴュー
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Review of Japanese Anime, Manga, Dramas and Novels.

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Welcome to nippon_review.

This community was created to let other Japanese media fans discover new material to enjoy! Reviews center around things like anime, dramas, manga, music, novels and more. Not only Japanese media is reviewed here, content from other East-Asian countries and materials based on (but not written in) Japan are also included!

Feel free to check out the reviews, there's lots of great things to watch or read!

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Note: this is a REVIEW community. The reviews are based solely on my own opinions. I do not take ownership for any of the materials, characters, music, etc. discussed in this community.
Nor am I affiliated with or sponsored by any of them. I will try to be as UNBIASED as possible when writing my reviews, however everyone has their own likes/dislikes and biases, therefore
everything stated here is simply MY opinion. I am not trying to bash or harass anyone or anything. If you disagree with any of my reviews you are welcome to comment in a calm and
educated way with your own opinion.