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15 August 2009 @ 09:25 pm
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Welcome to nippon_review !  This is a review community run by itskeitodesu  to review Japanese anime, manga, dramas, music, novels, etc.  You may also find reviews of works from other asian countries, or reviews of work based on (but not written in) Japan.  I hope you will enjoy my review comments and rating and find them useful.

Important Links

Archive Post - The place to find already completed reviews.  This is the easiest way to find something you're looking for!

Feedback & Requests Post -  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for this community please post them here.  You may also request a review in this post.

Pending Review - More for my own record, things I have watched/read but not reviewed yet.  Feel free to check them out!

Rating Scheme

Every review is rated on a six star scale (this way there is no middle).  The ratings are as follows:

PINK STAR.  This is reserved for the most wonderful of all things.  You HAVE to watch or read this.  If you don't something will be missing from your life.

GREEN STAR.  This is a really great show or book, I recommend it!

GREEN-YELLOW STAR. This show or book is pretty good, I enjoyed reading it and you might too!

YELLOW STAR.  This book or show is alright, but not worth watching again.  I probably wouldn't recommend it.

ORANGE STAR.  What is this crap?  Are you kidding me?  This isn't worth watching.

RED STAR.  So bad it will make your eyes bleed, dispose of this immeadiately.  This something is probably so bad I either couldn't make it through it, or had to violently force myself to make it to the end.

Tag Descriptions

!tags - tags marked with an ! are important posts.
+tags - tags marked with a + at the beginning refer to the type of material being reviewed. these are the same categories materials are sorted under in the archive post.
g:tags - tags beginning with g refer to the genre of the material.
~tags - tags marked with a ~ refer to the length of the material, such as series, OVA, movie, etc.  This is not only used for anime/dramas but as well for books (ie. a series of manga).
★ - these stars represent the rating the review recieved.

Note: this is a REVIEW community.  The reviews are based solely on my own opinions.  I do not take ownership for any of the materials, characters, music, etc. discussed in this community.  Nor am I affiliated with or sponsored by any of them.  I will try to be as UNBIASED as possible when writing my reviews, however everyone has their own likes/dislikes and biases, therefore everything stated here is simply MY opinion.  I am not trying to bash or harass anyone or anything.  If you disagree with any of my reviews you are welcome to comment in a calm and educated way with your own opinion.