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05 February 2010 @ 09:56 pm
[Novel] Wrong About Japan  
Title: Wrong About Japan
Author: Peter Carey
Format: Hardcover Novel, 158pgs


Author Peter Carey discribes his own personal adventures as a forgeiner in Japan.  After Peter's son, Charley, sparks an interest in the world of anime and manga, he too begins to take an interest in Japanese culture and life.  The two of them become avid fans of Japan, and decide to take a trip there to 'discover the real Japan'.  They are faced with many cultural barriers as they meet all sorts of famous anime and manga creators such as Tomino (Gundam), Kitakubo (Blood: The Last Vampire), and Hayao Miyazaki (Totoro, etc).  Through interviewing these people and making their own inferences the two foreigners find out that they were very wrong about Japan.


I actually found this to be quiet an interesting book, and it seems weird that the first ever review on a Japanese Anime/Manga/Drama review blog would be a book written by an Australian-born American man and his son visiting the country.  However, their situation about Japan does apply to my own.  In the beginning it describes Charley's first taste of anime, and his gorwing passion for Japan, which then hooks in his father.  The book of course is written from a father's perspective, and it's interesting to see how he was wrong about Japan, but also wrong about his teenage son.  As well, the book makes a lot of references to well known anime, manga, and Japanese cultural icons, while also revealing some information about them.  The author chooses to site many other works within the retelling of his story to better illustrate the facts about Japan.  I think that, while this book can be a little bit annoying at times (Peter is after all an adult with a very 'adult' and boring way of thinking) it also makes you feel at home, while letting you explore more and more of a country that you love.  The book is very short, as it only encompases their short trip, but it is still very interesting and helpful to those who are planning on going to Japan, a few interesting places like the SEGA World and the Ghibli Museum.  It might not be the most comprehensive travel guide around, but it's extremely interesting to read.
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